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Exam Options: English, Spanish, in-person, online

You’ve made a huge investment in expanding your knowledge. It’s time for your  QWEL certificate open-book exam. Morning, afternoon, eve and weekend  opportunities are available. Choose from in-person (FREE) and online ($30 proctoring fee) options.

Registration links and instructions, study tips, class recordings and a $50 gift card opportunity follow.

In-Person Exam (FREE)

  • Masks are required. • Seating is limited with 6’ distancing.
  • Registration is required. Select from the options below.
  • English and Spanish exams offered.
July 28, Wednesday
2:00 – 5:30 PM
UU Fellowship of San Dieguito
1036 Solana Drive
Solana Beach, CA  92075
July 28, Wednesday
5:30 – 9:00 PM
UU Fellowship of San Dieguito
1036 Solana Drive
Solana Beach, CA  92075
July 30, Friday
8:00 – 11:30 AM
Escondido City Hall
Mitchell Room
201 N. Broadway
Escondido, CA  92025
July 31, Saturday
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
UU Fellowship of San Dieguito
1036 Solana Drive
Solana Beach, CA  92075
Aug. 4, Wednesday
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Water Conservation Garden
12122 Cuyamaca College Dr. W.
El Cajon, CA  92019

Online Exam ($30)
Click here for the ‘MonitorEDU Test Taker Guide
for registration, payment and test-taking instructions. MonitorEDU is the vendor responsible for QWEL online exams. YouTube demo links are included in the ‘Test Taker Guide’.

  • July 30:   9 AM
  • Aug. 02:   5 PM
  • Aug. 03: 11 AM
  • Aug. 04:   5 PM

Irrigation Audit Exercise

  • If you are working on your first QWEL certificate, and have not completed the Irrigation Audit Exercise, please submit it before you take your exam or bring it with you. Email a pdf file or photos of each page to: wenda@wsamarketing.comHere’s the Irrigation Audit Exercise form.
  • If your QWEL certificate is inactive and you are taking the exam to reactivate it, you do not need to complete an Irrigation Audit Exercise.

Exam: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a passing grade: 75% (75) of 100 questions correct.
  2. How much time do I have? The maximum time allowed is three hours. When you are finished and turn in your materials, feel free to leave.
  3. What is the question format: Questions are in multiple choice and True/False format — the same format as the polls you responded to during QWEL classes.
  4. Is this an open book exam? Yes. During the exam, you may use your QWEL Reference Manual and the attached documents. You may only write on blank scratch paper.
  5. ONLINE EXAM: What else will I need? Pen and/or pencil, blank scratch paper and a calculator (Your phone will be serving as a video link to the proctor, so you’ll need a separate, additional calculator.  (Dollar store is a good source.)
  6. Do I need to memorize all the formulas? No.  This is the Exam Formula sheet we’ll provide for the exam.
  7. ONLINE EXAM: Will I have internet access? No. Only the exam will be accessible during your 3-hour exam period.
  8. What is exam proctoring? Proctoring is testing overseen by an authorized, neutral individual – usually an instructor — who ensures the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test-taking environment. Online proctoring facilitates the instructor oversight role.
  9. Why does QWEL require exam proctoring? The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper professional certificate is a nationally recognized, US E.P.A-labeled designation for irrigation system audits. To earn the valued certificate and designation, exams must be completed independently by the identified test taker.
  10. May I retake the exam. YES! The first time may be an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the online exam experience. NOTE: An additional $30 exam fee applies to each online exam.

Study Tips and Resources

  1. QUIZ/Practice Test is here: Quiz question format (True/False and multiple choice) is the same as the exam. A catch can test question(s) is included.
  2. QWEL Exam Formulas: This is the sheet we’ll provide for your use this sheet during the exam.
    QWEL Reference Manual You may use your Reference Manual during the exam. You may not write in your reference manual during the exam.
    Study Tip: To focus on math, Sections 4, 7 and 8 will be especially helpful. https://www.qwel.net/files/QWEL_Reference_Manual_CA_INTERACTIVE.pdf
  3. Resource – Audit Exercise: Use the form you completed in class or start a new one. Here’s the form.
  4. Video: Section 3 – Soils and Section 4 – Landscape Water presentation. This is a QWEL class recording.
  5. Opportunity: Reply“> with your name for a chance to win a $50 gift card or soil probe. Drawing will be Aug. 10 and the winners announced Aug. 11. Must take QWEL exam to win.
  6. Video: Section 7 – Irrigation System Auditing, Virtual Irrigation Audit, Section 8 – Scheduling. This is a QWEL class recording. Study Tip: Complete a Irrigation Audit Exercise Form to practice all calculations.

Contact qwel@wsamarketing.com or 760.944.1509

2021 Fall: MiraCosta College HORT 126

QWEL training is a component of the Horticulture Department Irrigation and Water Management course — HORT 126. Attend this essential MiraCosta College course and you’ll learn QWEL principles and practices enriched by how-to labs and earn college credits. Course description

Begins: Aug. 23, 2021
College tuition and fees apply.
MiraCosta College (Oceanside)

Instructor: Kevin McKernan, QWEL, Associate Faculty