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2021: Sep 29 – Nov. 03 (English)

From watersheds to water budgets, audits and controller programming, you’ll learn the science and principles of water-efficient landscapes.

This prestigious Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper certificate training is offered in FREE, weekly, 2-hour webinars with one of the region’s leading industry educators.

  • Registration is limited to individuals who live or work in San Diego County.
  • Who should attend? Irrigation Technicians, Supervisors, Designers, Maintenance team members, Account, Operations and Production Managers
  • Need CEUs? You’re invited too.

Time: 12:00 to 2:00 PM

Wed Sep. 29: Class 2 – Sustainable landscaping principles and practices.
Class 3 – Soil properties and optimizing water interaction.
Wed Oct. 06: Class 1 – Water cycle, watershed, water supplies.
Class 4 – Plant water needs, and mastering basic water budgets.
Wed Oct. 13: Class 5 – Irrigation systems, water pressure and application rates.
Class 6 – Maintenance and troubleshooting system issues.
Wed Oct. 20: Class 7 – Irrigation System Auditing provides mastery of Distribution uniformity and precipitation rate calculations.
Wed Oct. 27: Irrigation Audit Exercise (virtual): How observations and testing lead to run times.
Class 8 – Irrigation scheduling and how run times integrate water budgets.
Wed Nov. 03: Class 9 – Optimizing controller programming and sensor options.
Class 10 – Case study. What 70% water savings looks like.

Certification Exam (optional):
Available in-person or online Nov. 10, 12 and 19. In-person exams are FREE. A $30 exam proctoring fee applies to online exams.

Lead Instructor:
Tiffany Faulstich, LEED Green Associate, QWEL, ISA, NALP;
President, Botanicon Inc; C-27 License #1051100

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2021 Fall: MiraCosta College HORT 126

QWEL training is a component of the Horticulture Department Irrigation and Water Management course — HORT 126. Attend this essential MiraCosta College course and you’ll learn QWEL principles and practices enriched by how-to labs and earn college credits. Course description

Begins: Aug. 23, 2021
College tuition and fees apply.
MiraCosta College (Oceanside)

Instructor: Kevin McKernan, QWEL, Associate Faculty