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Jan. 31 is deadline to post 2018 CEUs

January 29, 2019

If you earned your QWEL certificate in 2016 or 2017, don’t lose it. We’re pretty sure you’ve completed education that meets QWEL continuing education requirements.

QWEL CEUs (mobile device instructions)

  • Login to qwel.net
  • Select Menu (orange) in top right corner
  • On the Menu, select: “Continuing Education” (near bottom of the menu)
  • Select: SUBMIT CEUs
  • Follow login instructions
  • Scroll down and select SUBMIT A CEU
  • Complete form
  • Select: SUBMIT

What qualifies as a QWEL CEU?
Click here for the current guidelines. As of 1/15/19, they are:

  • Irrigation or green industry short courses or seminars.
  • Irrigation or green industry trade shows, field days or meetings. One (1) CEU per event.
  • Teach or attend an in-house irrigation training course. May be conducted by manufacturers, distributors, dealer or QWEL trained in-house company staff. One (1) CEU per hour of instruction.
  • Business or industry-related courses or seminars, such as Integrated Pest Management; Pesticide Application; Tree Pruning; Storm Water Management; etc. You earn one (1) CEU per hour for each hour of instruction.
  • Irrigation audit. One (1) audit for one (1) CEU per year.

NOTE: At least 50% of CEUs must relate to water-efficient concepts in the field of irrigation that promote more efficient use of water outdoors. Examples include irrigation system smart scheduling technologies, water-budget techniques, drip irrigation, plant water demand, rainwater harvesting, and low impact development.

About QWEL Professional Intranet
QWEL professionals maintain their own profile online. Here’s what you can do.

  • Maintain your profile (company, address, email, phone number).
  • Enter continuing education units (CEUs). You may log all your continuing education activities here, which makes the details handy if you need them for CLCA, IA, NALP or other professional certification CEUs.
  • Download WaterSense and QWEL materials.