Qualified Water Efficient
Landscaper Training

QWEL Overview

The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper program is an affordable, local training providing landscape professionals with 20 hours of education on principles of proper plant selection for the local climate, irrigation system design and maintenance, and irrigation system programming and operation. Downloadable flyer.

QWEL was developed by the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership and brought to San Diego by the San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies.

In order to obtain the QWEL certificate, an individual must demonstrate their ability to perform an irrigation system audit and pass the QWEL exam.

The list of topics covered in the QWEL curriculum includes:

1. Where Our Water Comes From: Watersheds and local water supply.

2. Sustainable Landscaping

3. Soils: Understanding texture, monitoring and resolving issues.

4. Plant Water: How to master basic water budgets.

5. Irrigation Systems: Effects of water pressure, component sizing, devices and
application rates.

6. Maintenance & Troubleshooting: Valve and controller problems.

7. Irrigation System Auditing: Site evaluation, testing for water use efficiency.

8. Irrigation Scheduling: From plant water needs to daily run times.

9. Irrigation Controllers: Programming and water-efficient technology.

10. Bringing It All Together (Case Study): 70% water savings!