Qualified Water Efficient
Landscaper Training

Winter is Training Season

Accelerate training this winter to give your team an installation and maintenance edge. Register today for QWEL professional training!

January 02, 2019

2017: Earn QWEL certificate

Here’s two good reasons to register your team today. 1) An accelerated 2 1/2 day schedule kicks off the 2017 classes and is offered in English beginning Jan. 18. It’s a good option for supervisors and managers who find if difficult to make time for continuing education. 2) Spanish training resumes Jan. 25. The January classes are the […]

January 09, 2017

Chula Vista: June class is full

We’re excited about bringing QWEL training to Chula Vista. On June 2, nearly 50 landscape professionals joined the region’s tenth QWEL class. Still need a QWEL certificate? Get on the list to receive early notice about the next training.

June 02, 2016

East, West, North, South

April was a busy month of QWEL training! Helping us make classes convenient at three locations each week were Ewing Irrigation, San Diego Girl Scouts and the City of San Diego Park & Recreation Department.

Special thanks to San Diego Girl Scouts whose commitment to a water-efficient future includes expanding education. The organization’s central San Diego campus has helped more than 60 landscape professionals refresh and expand their irrigation skills. Congratulations to Rebecca Wilbanks, the organization’s landscape technician, for earning her Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper certificate.

In El Cajon, Ewing Irrigation provided the hospitality and space for QWEL classes.

May 04, 2016

Workshops for Homeowners

WaterSmart Design for Homeowners is a 3-hour workshop to learn basic soil, plant selection and turf removal and more. The WaterSmart Landscape Makeover is a four-class, hands-on personalized experience with access to professional coaching. For program details and registration, go to  watersmartsd.org/programs

March 03, 2016