Qualified Water Efficient
Landscaper Training

‘How much water’ series is wherever you are

August 24, 2020

San Diego’s landscape professionals can benefit from water-use efficiency training through the QWEL professional certificate program from just about anywhere. The San Diego region successfully transitioned QWEL training from in-person classrooms, to live webinars. Using phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, green industry managers, designers and groundskeepers gain knowledge and skills in one- to two-and-a-half hour classes.

In our new online environment, QWEL features updated presentations and a lot of interaction. Quizzes, like calculating irrigation run-times and water budgets, moved from the classroom whiteboard to Zoom polls and supported Q&A. Videos, like a close-up tour of valve anatomy and troubleshooting, are additional learning tools.

And behind the scenes, a highly qualified support team provides feedback and responds to curriculum and technology questions.